Innovators in Education is anchored in its commitment to school leadership as a collective responsibility – or shared leadership.  We have been working on continuous improvement of a shared leadership model in response to the failures and problems of the traditional single-head leadership design. The traditional school leadership model puts one leader at the center of the school that is singularly responsible for the success or failure of all operational and educational outcomes.  Our model rests on the core ideas and strategies that shared leadership is a more effective use of talented human resources, creates a vested buy-in through shared responsibility for professional growth and student outcomes, and creates a shared accountability culture that reduces turn-over and encourages school stability and growth.

Under this premise, principals and other designated school leaders work in a purposefully created environment that provides continuous improvement, differentiates leader performance, uses multiple measures to evaluate performance, and provides clear, immediate and ongoing feedback.  This reflective and shared leadership culture empowers school leadership to act as a team in support of inspiring and investing in teacher excellence and student learning.

What Makes Us Unique?

  • We approach running a school like a business. Schools believing that truly taking into account the needs of the customers (students), is what leads to success, will be successful.
  • We meet schools where they are. We know that no two programs are the same. Nor should they be. Incorporated into our philosophy is the idea that school leadership teams are the best people to collaborate around data collection and analysis and determine the right goals for their program.  Our data-driven tools and systems take that into account, allowing for flexibility while maintaining focus to help innovative programs and leadership teams achieve their goals.
  • We take an innovative and collaborative approach to problem solving. The problems schools have haven’t changed, nor have the solutions – which are tried and proven.  We believe that intentional implementation is the catalyst for sustainable success.
  • We are not a school improvement program.  In fact, we are not a program at all!  Innovators in Education is a philosophy.  We facilitate site-based problem solving and collaboration. We believe that buy-in is a significant factor for success in change management, and it’s important that the entire team be on board with working together toward a common solution and achieving common goals.
  • We believe in teachers.  Teachers directly impact student achievement; everything else is secondary. We aren’t teachers, so we can’t make a direct impact. We provide the best tools and systems for overall education program wellness.