Sponsorship Impact

Deciding whether an event is worth the time and money to sponsor can be difficult. It is important to ensure you maximize your investment when choosing to sponsor an event. It is imperative that you identify your organizational goals to drive how you prepare for the event, your participation at the event and exactly how you plan to follow up.

3 Tips to Impact Your Sponsorship:

  1. Promote Yourself. Before the event, you can maximize your sponsorship by tweeting about your involvement using the event hashtag, writing a blog on why you sponsored the event and emailing your customers to connect with those who will be attending.
  2. Be Present. It is important to take advantage of every opportunity to get in front of event attendees through your sponsorship by attending extended networking events, participating in discussions in sessions and even eating lunch with attendees.
  3. Debrief. Follow up is just as important as the actual event. Email the contacts you made at the event and schedule follow up meetings or phone calls and even ask the event promoters if there are attendee contact lists available!

The truth is- what you get out of your sponsorship depends in large part on what you put into it. Don’t simply write a check and wait for event management to advertise your involvement. Make the most of your investment!