Each attendee will cycle through three breakout sessions. Each of the sessions will bring a unique approach on how to reinvigorate the professionalism in education:

The Infrastructure to Support Professional Teachers
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2017: 1.5 Hours

You don’t have to look far to find evidence that a critical missing component in education is a lack of professional respect for teachers. And, as hard as it may be to admit, professional respect starts and ends inside your school culture. This is not your typical “build a positive school culture” session. This session will push your thinking beyond what we know to be the typical day and role of a teacher and surprise you with the power of professionalism!

Creating Dynamic Classrooms of Learners
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2017: 1.5 Hours

Data is one of the most valuable tools to understanding your students and developing individualized learning plans for them. But, in our obsession with using data to identify differentiated groups to meet individualized needs, have we forgotten about the value of mixed level classroom dynamics? This session will focus on classroom leadership strategies that embrace data, leverage each student’s strengths, provide an opportunity for each student to be a mentor in their own way and create a classroom culture dynamic built on mutual respect and relationships.      

The Cost of Adding Just “One” Student
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2017: 1.5 Hours

In a time that it seems funding can lag behind the growing needs of the students you serve, it’s not surprising that enrollment goals often can be a primary focus. For every “one” student you add, it’s additional funding in your budget to support the needs of the whole. Or is it? This session will focus on evaluating the impact of enrollment and methods to avoid the unintended negative impacts of growth. Attendees will take away strategies for maximizing the economic impact of each student served in order to build a strong, sustainable budget supporting your program at 110%.  

Keep the Cog Wheel Spinning
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2017: 1.5 Hours

In building their “Busy Gears” playset, do you think PlaySkool ever thought this seemingly simple concept would become the topic of a session with the potential to change a school?  If not, we are about to show them!  Attendees of this session will be inspired by the game of interconnected gears to discover the potential of your organization through strategic choices in the prioritization of activities, the resources allocated to each and the importance of choosing wisely to keep the entire system spinning.  Bring your greatest vision for your school to this session and be prepared to walk away with a plan to bring it to life!  

Supporting Teachers to Achieve their Highest Potential
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2017: 1.5 Hours

Most schools utilize educator evaluation data in a more traditional sense when it comes to human resources- hiring, firing, and compensation. What if teacher evaluation data could actually be used as a mentoring tool for staff? Does your teacher evaluation system reflect your school culture and goals for the development of great educators? This session will focus on the process of analyzing the data and utilizing this in support of coaching teachers in your building to achieve their highest potential!

The Art of Recruiting and Retaining Talent
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2017: 1.5 Hours

There are many factors that contribute to a student's academic performance. But research suggests that, among school-related factors, teachers matter the most. If you want to improve student learning in your school, invest your time in recruiting, developing, and retaining your best teachers. Attendees in this session will walk away with effective strategies that support teacher growth and development while creating a school environment where reducing teacher attrition helps to support improving student achievement. Additionally, participants will learn skills to identify cultural traits within their building to help them better align new hires to fit the existing culture. Sometimes it is easier to learn by watching others do- participants will be able to watch and examine mock interviews to better provide them with real strategies and tools to ensure they hire the right fit!

A Day in the Life of a Traumatized Student
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2017: 1.5 Hours

Students with social and emotional stress bring a unique challenge to schools and require a creative approach that allows individual classrooms the opportunity to cultivate the challenging student to a promising one. This session will provide insight on what a day in a traumatized student looks like. What does a trauma-sensitive classroom look like? Trauma-related issues often make student engagement difficult, but not impossible. In this session, attendees will improve their understanding of trauma as it relates to the student population they serve and how trauma manifests itself in the classroom and how it impacts teaching and learning. 

Self-Care for Educators
WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 2017: 1.5 Hours

We often don’t view educators as ‘caregivers’ but with high burnout rates, teachers and educators are some of the most dedicated caregivers that guide children through their academic careers. Why is mental health important for educators and how can schools be more aware of the emotional safety for staff, parents, and students?


The 3-hour professional learning communities on Thursday will take the knowledge and information learned from Wednesday and provide an opportunity to reflect with intentional time to process and develop a plan that will best impact your school.

  • Recruitment & Retention of Quality Talent
  • Trauma and Stress in Students
  • Creating Dynamic Classrooms of Learners at All Levels
  • Utilizing Evaluation Data to Support your Teachers

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