Dr. Travis Bristol | Boston University
Session: Attract, Recruit & Retain a Racially and Ethnically Diverse Workforce 
Dr. Travis Bristol is an assistant professor of education at Boston University. He is a former high school English teacher in New York City public schools and teacher educator with the Boston Teacher Residency program. His research focuses on the practices that support teacher and student learning and the policies that enable and constrain teacher workplace experiences and retention. The National Academy of Education/Spencer Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the American Educational Research Association awarded Dr. Bristol fellowships for his study on Black male teachers. The Washington Post, Education Week, NPR, NBC News, and Fox News have all highlighted findings from this study.

Dr. Benjamin Jankens | Central Michigan University    
Session: Realizing Your School’s Culture of Empowerment
Dr. Benjamin P. Jankens is an Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership at Central Michigan University. His work primarily focuses on preparing future and current principal and superintendents to lead effective schools and transform public education.  In addition to supporting charter schools and authorizers through data analysis and reporting systems, his research includes leadership preparation practices, school reform and choice, charter school performance, and the overall culture and climate of the educational environment.  Prior to his work as a professor, Dr. Jankens served in various charter school roles, including teacher, principal, superintendent, and Assistant Director for the Governor John Engler Center for Charter Schools.  He is also a board member at Renaissance Charter School Academy in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

Dr. Regina Umpstead | Central Michigan University     
Session: Realizing Your School’s Culture of Empowerment 
Dr. Regina Umpstead is an Associate Professor of Educational Leadership at Central Michigan University. Her work primarily focuses on supporting school leaders in employing effective leadership practices and enhancing equity within schools through education law and policy. Dr. Umpstead’s research includes work on school choice, educating students with disabilities, and teacher ethics and evaluation. She has written numerous scholarly articles and two books: How to Prevent Special Education Litigation: Eight Legal Lessons (2015) and Professional Responsibility for Educators and the Michigan Code of Ethics (2010). Prior to being employed as a professor, Dr. Umpstead practiced law and also worked as a legal research and writing instructor at Michigan State University’s College of Law.

Angi Beland | MAPSA    
Session: #RealTalk: Communicating to Parents and Families
Angi has been a parent and team member at MAPSA for the past 10 years, learning on both fronts all along the way.  Leading from a frame of reference rooted in business philosophy, Angi has focused on the integration of sound business principals into education.  Listening to amazing educators along the way, using her photographic memory for good and combining her own professional and personal experience, Angi strives to inspire creative solutions to solve the hardest challenges.  Angi believes that great leadership begins with a clear vision, a vision only achieved through focus, intentional implementation and shared responsibility.