Polly Gipson, Ph.D., University of Michigan
Session: Childhood Trauma: What's its Impact within the School Context?​
Dr. Gipson is a licensed clinical psychologist and Clinical Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry, Child/Adolescent Section, at the University of Michigan Medical School. She serves as the Director of the Trauma and Grief Clinic and Director of the Frankel Psychotherapy Program. She is a member of the Youth Depression and Suicide Prevention Research Program. Dr. Gipson’s expertise is in evidence-based clinical practices; trauma- and bereavement-informed assessment and intervention; suicide risk assessment and intervention; and community-based participatory research. Dr. Gipson is the principal investigator for a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to investigate the association between youth mentoring relationship qualities and mental health/adaptive outcomes. Dr. Gipson’s line of research will continue to focus on community-based positive youth development strategies for underserved youth at elevated risk for suicidal and other adverse psychological outcomes.   

Megan Spedoske, LMSW, Michigan State University
Session: The Importance of Mental Health of School Staff

Megan Spedoske is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of Michigan, who provides therapy to children, teens, and young adults. She graduated from the George Warren Brown School of Social Work at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri and has been a Field Instructor and Field Liaison for Michigan State University School of Social Work for 11 years. Her training and career have centered around supporting children with a strong emphasis on trauma and loss. She has experience working with children and families from an inpatient residential treatment setting, community-based agencies, and private practice. In addition, she has worked closely with schools, implementing support programs and training staff and teachers in a variety of topics. She has been called on to support schools following crises and finds it to be incredibly humbling to work alongside professionals who shape our children's academic experiences.

Amanda Satterfield & Dave Diemert, Starr Commonwealth
Cultural Competency & Awareness
Amanda Satterfield is the Trainings and Events Project Coordinator and Certified Trainer for the Trauma and Loss in Children and Glasswing Racial Healing and Equity training programs of the Starr Global Learning Network of Starr Commonwealth, located in Albion Michigan. She holds Bachelor of Science degree in business from Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan.  Amanda is currently pursuing her graduate degree in cultural psychology from Walden University in Minneapolis, Minnesota with an expected graduation date in 2017. Amanda has spent 10 years in ministry working with youth by empowering them to be resilient and equipping them with life skills to overcome the obstacles of diversity. Amanda is involved with the development of training youth and teachers at an annual Youth Symposium where two merged school districts of different cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds come together to learn how to build new relationships and identify with racial healing and equity in their schools and communities. Amanda is the mother of three beautiful daughters and currently resides in Battle Creek Michigan. 

Dave Diemert is a father, husband, and a hands on entrepreneur. He is a certified Glasswing facilitator for  the Starr Global Learning Network of Starr Commonwealth.  Dave has a background in secondary education, language arts and psychology. While working at Starr, Dave has held various positions including senior clinician and family service counselor for delinquent and sexually reactive youth.