My SchoolPrint is not a program. It is a blueprint for building a successful program. It’s a blueprint that values innovation and collaboration. It’s a blueprint that values the passion that drives innovation and collaboration. It’s a blueprint that aspires to lead good schools to great schools.

My SchoolPrint facilitates leadership teams through a process of self-reflection. Using an adaptive framework derived from time-tested, proven research, school leadership teams engage in discussions about what a quality educational program looks like in their school and how to identify aspects of their individual programs as evidence for, or against, a quality program as a whole.  

We believe that outcomes are maximized through:

  • Developing supportive networks that create efficiencies and promote-higher-level thinking across common programmatic needs.
  • Creating communities to build and leverage shared knowledge and experiences.
  • Empowering leadership teams to identify priority outcomes and to track progress toward success.
  • Building a culture of focused reflection and shared accountability.